ISOPARTNER Switzerland

ISOPARTNER is an ambitious and fast-growing European group of companies. We are excited to announce that our group has expanded even further: ISOPARTNER Switzerland is now part of the ISOPARTNER brand.

For over 40 years, Regisol AG (from 01.01.2023 under the new name ISOPARTNER Switzerland) has been the partner for trade and production of technical insulation materials for heat, cold, sound, high temperature and fire protection insulation throughout Switzerland. 


Customer-centric services

Good partnerships at the core of the business

ISOPARTNER Switzerland strives to ensure its strong position in the Swiss market in the long term by taking full advantage of its knowledge and expertise, by a strong presence in the market, by excellent logistics, attractive prices and a good relationship with customers and suppliers.

People are the centre of the organisation

The ISOPARTNER Switzerland team is always happy to help its customers. The company trusts in its highly motivated and very competent team. Every employee carries a high self-employment and independence. He or she is free in the scope of the possibilities in the execution of his tasks, which brings a great responsibility and forms the key to the companies' success.

ISOPARTNER Switzerland

ISOPARTNER Switzerland
Schwalbenweg 3
3292 Busswil / BE

ISOPARTNER Switzerland

Schwalbenweg 6
3292 Busswil / BE

ISOPARTNER Switzerland

Buchenhagstrasse 15
8156 Oberhasli / ZH

ISOPARTNER Switzerland

ISOPARTNER AG Pick-up location
Ueberlandstrasse 137
8600 Dübendorf

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