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The Leading European Service Provider in the area of Technical Insulation

ISOPARTNER is active in several European countries. Being part of a group of companies, all sharing the same values, has a lot of advantages for the companies, employees but in the first place our customers. Over the years we have grown exponentially. As an ambitious group of companies we will continue to strengthen our competitive advantage as leading European service provider in Technical Insulation.

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isopartner finland

Our latest addition to the ISOPARTNER group

2023 ISOPARTNER Finland

ISOPARTNER Finland offers a diverse range of insulation materials to its customers, including cellular rubber, stone wool and PVC-coated insulation materials, allowing to find the ideal insulation for their projects or applications. Additionally, ISOPARTNER Finland provides value-added accessories that have practical advantages in a variety of applications to ga along with these insulation material products.

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isopartner ie

2023 ISOPARTNER Ireland

ISOPARTNER Ireland is a company that specializes in the distribution and conversion of a wide variety of insulation solutions. ISOPARTNER Ireland is the ideal partner for any project because of its focus on professional advice, standard and customized insulation solutions, and excellent logistics.

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2023 ISOPARTNER The Netherlands

ISOPARTNER The Netherlands manufactures high-quality products in the areas of thermal, low-temperature, acoustic, fire prevention, fire-resistant, and industrial insulation for demanding clients in construction, industry, and specialised trade. They are experts in creating products for the widest range of insulation applications.

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isopartner austria

2023 ISOPARTNER Switzerland

ISOPARTNER Switzerland has been Switzerland's partner for trade and production of technical insulation materials for heat, cold, sound, high temperature, and fire protection insulation for more than 40 years.

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2022 ISOPARTNER Austria

The parent company of ISOPARTNER Austria, Isolier- und Dämmtechnik Handels GmbH, was established in Vienna in 1996. They distribute thermal, acoustic, and fire insulation products and offer professional guidance, a customized approach, and prompt delivery. "Competent - Fair - Reliable" is the team motto of the highly motivated ISOPARTNER Austria team. 

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ro hu

2022 ISOPARTNER Romania

The distribution company for technical insulation for heating, cooling HVAC, soundproofing and fire protection Isolier- und Dämmtechnik Handels GmbH Romania was founded in 1996 in Vienna, in 2013 they joined the IPCOM group and in 2022 the Romanian branch continued under the name ISOPARTNER Romania. They offer an innovative product range, combined with national and international logistics and a high level of reliability.

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2022 ISOPARTNER Hungary

The parent company, the Austrian company Isolier- und Dämmtechnik Handels GmbH, was founded in Vienna in 1996 as a distributor of technical insulation products. In 2013 they joined the IPCOM Group. From 2022, the Hungarian branch continues to operate under the name ISOPARTNER Hungary.

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isopartner norway

2021 ISOPARTNER Sweden

In addition to the existing knowledge and competence in technical insulation in Germany and Norway, ISOPARTNER Sweden fortified the ISOPARTNER position as one of Sweden’s most important suppliers of technical insulation, fire protection products, acoustic solutions and metal sheets. Today, ISOPARTNER Sweden works from five branches from Malmö to Solna in Stockholm and has a solid distribution network with own trucks and drivers for fast and correct deliveries across the country.

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2021 ISOPARTNER Norway

Already carrying the name ISOPARTNER as of 2014, the Norwegian ISOPARTNER branches have rebranded to the new ISOPARTNER look and feel in 2021. Founded in 1992, they have the necessary experience and know-how to handle big and complex orders whether related to construction sites, industrial installations, shipbuilding or offshore accommodation modules.

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2021 ISOPARTNER Germany

Kiesewetter and Seidemann Dämmstoffe are merged and rebranded to ISOPARTNER GmbH & Co - Germany

The merger of the German IPCOM companies Kiesewetter and Seidemann Dämmstoffe in 2021 was the start of the ongoing expansion of the strong ISOPARTNER brand. With a nationwide network of more than 10 locations in German, ISOPARTNER Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG is the German reference for Technical Insulation.

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Our group will expand even further...

ISOPARTNER is an ambitious and fast-growing European group of companies. We are excited to announce that our group will expand even further.

Stay tuned for our new acquisitions and rebrandings.

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